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GMC Patient

DrMSF can supply you with patient questionnaires that were previously provided on the GMC website. DrMSF can also supply a ballot box to collect 360 degree feedback returns from your patients. If you wish you can also print your own 360 MSF surveys, either from our web site, or from the GMC site. The PDF file is available on this webpage, via the button below. The GMC questionnaire was designed to be administered to consecutive patients (or carers) as a post consultation or ‘exit’ survey. Since 2012 our reports have met or exceeded the GMC guidelines, and requirements for appraisal and revalidation.

Most agencies routinely accept 360 patient reports containing feedback from 25 patient MSF forms. The GMC suggested that a minimum 34 completed questionnaires was required to gain a good overall perception of performance through the eyes of patients. DrMSF include data entry for upto 40 GMC patient questionnaires for the standard fee.

The GMC implemented an inclusive survey at the end of 2020, including several gender affirming options. After DrMSF contacted the GMC about this update, the demographics section was greatly reduced. Which ever version you have employed to gain 360 degree patient information, DrMSF can report for you. Depending on which questionnaire version you employed your report may not contain all of the demographics information, or may have blank questions included.

GMC Colleague

DrMSF still uses the GMC colleague questionnaire. The colleague survey is usually completed via emailing your colleagues a link to your online survey. The report is forwarded to you, along with the GMC benchmarking data, and our template for reflection. DrMSF 360 reports have been successfully used to gain colleague feedback for doctor's appraisals and revalidations since 2012. Right click on the button below to save a copy of the colleague questionnaire, or click on it to have a look.

DrMSF 360 Reports

DrMSF reports have been successfully employed in thousands of appraisals and revalidations since 2012. DrMSF uses the GMC's colleague and patient questionnaires as standard. Using the GMC forms for data collection ensures that our reports meet the GMC requirements, but rest assured that DrMSF reports also exceed these guidlines.

The reports were designed with clarity and ease of use in mind. The responses to each question are presented as both frequency counts and percentages, making them easy to interpret. The final table of the report provides you with scores, ratings and percentages for each question. The percentage calculation methods matches those that generated the GMC benchmarks. You can confidently compare your scores with the GMC's own benchmarks. At the end of the process you are emailed the report, the GMC benchmarking data, and our handy 'template for reflection'. Our reports provide supporting evidence of 360° multi-source feedback for your appraisal and revalidation requirements.

GMC guidelines

The General Medical Council (GMC) provides guidelines on professional development and appraisal processes for doctors in the United Kingdom. According to the GMC guidelines, it is essential to reflect on feedback from colleagues and patients (or those you provide medical services to) at least once in every revalidation cycle. This process of reflection can help identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement in your practice. DrMSF offers a template for reflection that can assist with this process.

It is important to note that all feedback, both positive and critical, is valuable if it helps you to reflect on your practice. DrMSF's multi-source 360 degree feedback tool can help doctors collect feedback from colleagues and patients, which can then be used as a part of the appraisal process. However, it is important to remember that this feedback should not be used in isolation when making judgments.

The GMC states that appraisals should take into account all of the information you gather about your practice. This includes feedback from colleagues, patients, and any other relevant sources. By using the feedback collected through DrMSF's 360-degree feedback tool, doctors can gain a comprehensive view of their practice and identify areas for improvement.

In summary, DrMSF's tools and resources are designed to assist doctors in complying with the GMC guidelines by providing a simple and effective way to reflect on feedback and identify areas for improvement. By gathering feedback from multiple sources, doctors can gain a better understanding of their performance and ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare services.

DrMSF are an independent survey organisation

Data collection for the colleague survey should be managed by an independent survey organisation. Doctors provide the survey organisation with a list of their nominated colleagues, and their e-mail or postal addresses.

Nominating a supporting medical colleague (optional)

At the beginning of the survey process, doctors might like to nominate a ‘supporting medical colleague’ with whom they can informally discuss their report shortly after its receipt.

DrMSF provide a template to help with reflecting on your 360

Appraisal is a supportive and developmental forum, giving you the opportunity to reflect on your professional practice over the past year. Reflecting on both positive and critical experiences and being supported to reflect, is important for your wellbeing and development. Reflecting on your supporting information and what it says about your practice will help you improve the quality of care you give your patients and the services you provide as a doctor. You will not meet our requirements by simply collecting the required information.