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A Few Words About DrMSF

DrMSF has assisted over 3,600 medical professionals in the process of gathering feedback and developing 360-degree multi-source feedback reports since 2012. The GMC's colleague and patient surveys have always been the standard questionnaire employed by DrMSF. Reports have been produced on occasion using questionnaires obtained from other sources, such as Royal College surveys with permission, and these questionnaires were employed into reports. DrMSF has succeeded when a doctor has used another survey to collect data and only wants DrMSF to produce the report.

Dr. Jonathan Davies has performed research for both the National Health Service (NHS) and a medical charity affiliated with a university. Over his academic career, he has also produced works in the academic fields of education and psychophysics. Jonathan founded DrMSF in 2012 with the goal of developing an automated reporting mechanism and simplifying the process by which doctors may obtain feedback from patients and colleagues from a 360-degree multi-source viewpoint.

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