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Doctor MSF
360 feedback

Multi-source feedback solutions for doctor's appraisal. Gather your 360 degree feedback easily and efficiently.
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Years of successful
survey reporting

Since 2012 we have delivered reports to thousands of doctors for their appraisals and revalidation.
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Exceeding the GMC
guidance on MSF

Independent survey analysis, validated GMC questionnaires, professional reports, GMC benchmarks, TLS encrypted questionnaires, printed surveys. Everything you need for 360.
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360 degree MSF

DrMSF is an independent survey business dedicated to obtaining 360-degree, multi-source feedback for doctors. We use GMC questionnaires, invite your colleagues, and handle data input and reporting. DrMSF simplifies data collecting to save you time.


The turnaround time for reporting is approximately two weeks from the date of receiving your questionnaires. If you require a faster service, please contact us to check the availability of our DrMSF Fast Track Reporting option, which can deliver reports within 1 to 3 days.


DrMSF can help you gain either a colleague report or a patient report, or both. Our reports are simple and easy to understand, while meeting appraisal and revalidation requirements. DrMSF has assisted thousands of doctors in completing multi-source feedback.

Reasons to choose DrMSF

Confidential and Secure

We take your privacy very seriously and only collect the information required to complete your order. Responses are sent across the Internet using leading Internet encryption technology (TLS).

Simplify your 360

DrMSF work hard to simplify the data collection and reporting process for you, saving you time.

Have you already collected the data? No problem, contact us.

DrMSF work for you

When you ask Doctor MSF to gather your 360 degree feedback, we only report to you, and offer a high quality service.

360° feedback
with GMC forms

Doctor MSF offer an independent data collection and analysis service for easier 360° multisource feedback. DrMSF employs the validated GMC colleague questionnaire and GMC patient questionnnaire, meeting the requirements for appraisal and revalidation. The GMC questionnaires are available both online or in hard copy. You receive pdf reports for GMC patient/colleague feedback, GMC benchmarks, and also a template for reflection.


Data Collection

DrMSF provides a full range of 360° MSF services. If you need any advice, or want something bespoke, please ask.

What DrMSF can offer you

360° Feedback

Doctor MSF offer an independent 360° appraisal service allowing doctors to simplify the multisource feedback process. We provide only GMC validated 360 degree surveys covering the requirements of appraisal and revalidation. Our off the shelf doctor 360 packs simplify the process, helping you save time and money. We provide GMC questionnaires online and in hard copy, complete all data entry and analyse the results. You receive pdf reports for GMC patient feedback, colleague feedback, GMC benchmarks and a template for reflection.

Key Points

- Our 360° feedback reports surpass the GMC requirements for multi-source feedback.
- Suitable for all doctor specialties.
- We use validated versions of the GMC patient and colleague questionnaires.
- DrMSF provide independent data entry, analysis and reporting as per GMC guidelines.
- We provide secure online colleague and self-assessment questionnaires, and hard paper patient questionnaires as standard.
- If you have any bespoke requirements, please ask.

Service, Simplicity and Security

Since you employ Doctor MSF to gather 360 degree feedback, DrMSF work for you. We only report to you, and offer a high quality service. Our reporting is mostly automated, to ensure our reports are accurate. We also check every report manually to provide human input where it's useful. If you communicate your needs we will try our best to fulfill them. This personal touch is important and is one of the advantages you gain by employing a small business. One point of contact via Jonthan offers clarity in communications and the ability of offer a personal service.

DrMSF 360° feedback

MSF 360 Degree Feedback is a Development Tool
  • Helping doctors to recognize strengths and weaknesses and become more effective.

Multi source feedback or 360° feedback is an effective development tool. The gathering of colleague and patient data gives stakeholders the opportunity to provide anonymous or confidential feedback to a doctor. DrMSF gives you insight into how others perceive you. Providing an opportunity to develop skills and behaviours and improve performance. It is also very reassuring to gain positive feedback from patients and colleagues using the official GMC questionnaires.

DrMSF options: Full 360,
single survey, analysis only
  • We will work to your requirements

Doctor 360 degree feedback includes questionnaires for patients, colleagues, and self-evaluation. Our doctor 360 MSF allows for several configurations to suit your requirements. The full revalidation package includes everything a doctor needs to receive full 360-degree feedback for appraisal and revalidation. If you only need either a patient report, or a colleague report, to complete your doctor 360 then the surveys are available separately. A doctor 360's 'feedback analysis only' option accommodates GMC questionnaires that you have already collected. All feedback includes separate 'template for reflection' and 'GMC benchmarking' files.

DrMSF: aggregated feedback, benchmarking data, reports
  • MSF 360 feedback for appraisal and revalidation

Doctor 360 feedback forms contain frequency data for each question as well as aggregated scores and percentages. Aggregate scores can be compared to the specialist GMC benchmarks (GPs, Medicine and Paediatrics, Surgery, Secondary Care Doctors - including Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and generic benchmarks for primary and secondary care.) Our reports do not include 'Don't know' responses, although they can be easily identified from the figures we provide. "Don't know" responses were not included in the original GMC benchmarking data, and DrMSF uses the calculation methods originally employed by the GMC.