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Dr MSF bespoke research

DrMSF can provide an easy and flexible route to implementing the bespoke questionnaire process you require. Feedback can be gathered securely online using our easily adaptable questionnaire software. DrMSF can design and provide online questionnaires to suit your requirements.

Tailored questionnaires that fit your business needs can be employed specifically to target training and development initiatives. This information can be invaluable in informing decisions that can make a real difference to the performance of your organisation.

If you are planning to complete a more complicated research project, then please get in touch. We can help with the methodology and application of several qualitative and quantitative research techniques.


The following are examples of bespoke graphs designed to simplify the interpretation of intricate and complicated data. These examples were programmed using MATLAB.

Adapted compass plot

There are three conditions, R, P and R+P, which initiate a reaction in the opposite direction. The large arrows show perceived directions for the original stimuli and the reaction. Individual data points and standard error are also indicated. These would be difficult to illustrate so clearly in a table of data.


compass plot


2D velocity histograms

The velocity histograms show a velocity (speed & direction) in each condition. The various velocities recorded were sorted into area bins, with darker shading showing more frequent recording. These give a clear indication of the various velocities observed in each condition.


2d histogram


Published in: Davies J. R., Freeman T. C. (2011). Simultaneous adaptation to non-collinear retinal motion and smooth pursuit eye movement. Vision Research, 51(14),1637–1647.


We are happy to undertake bespoke research. Contact us with details of what you require.