Privacy policy

DrMSF are commited to protecting the information you have provided to us online, by telephone or text, email, or in written correspondence.

Your details will never be sold or shared with anyone. Our online questionnaires use some of the highest grade commercially available security software. Ordering feedback from DrMSF instructs us to gather information for multi-source feedback (aka 360 degree feedback) on your behalf. We only hold the details we need to successfully complete these services on your behalf.

DrMSF adheres to the principles of the Data Protection Act (1998) and has contacted the Information Commissioner's Office for advice on our information management practice.

Questionnaire information

Feedback to doctors will be based on the answers from everyone taking part, participant data is held in confidence and is not tied to individual data nor presented individually. No respondents will be identifiable from the answers to the questions about the doctor. Open answers will be redacted if DrMSF consider that the response may contain identifying information. All data from DrMSF questionnaires are encrypted as they moves across the Internet.

Cookies - DrMSF uses Google Analytics for benign, anonymous reporting on the use of this website.