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GMC revalidation: Appraisal Summary

As a licensed doctor you will need to produce a portfolio of supporting information for the GMC revalidation process. The portfolio offers evidence that you are meeting the professional values as presented in the General Medical Council publication 'Good Medical Practice'. All doctors should be able to meet the GMC requirements and you will need to discuss the supporting information provided in your appraisal portfolio with your appraiser.

There is a requirement to provide six types of supporting information. Dr MSF is here to help you gather information using the GMC questionnaires and will provide a professional report to cover the requirements of appraisal and revalidation for:

  • Feedback from patients
    • DrMSF will provide professionally printed copies of the GMC patient questionnaire
    • DrMSF will enter and analyse all the data and send you a report.
    • Whilst Dr MSF can provide it easily provide the patient questionnaire online, please note that it is not recommended by the GMC.
  • Feedback from colleagues
    • DrMSF will provide an online version of the GMC colleague questionnaire.
    • Doctor MSF will analyse the responses and send you a report.

You are required to seek feedback from patients and from colleagues, and where necessary, to act upon the feedback. We can help you collect that feedback using the standard GMC questionnaires. The GMC suggests that the questionnaires are administered independently of both the doctor and the appraiser - Dr MSF is here to provide that service for you.

GMC revalidation requirements ask you to collect and reflect on these two types of supporting evidence, along with four other elements:

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    • keeping up to date
    • evidence of continuous learning
  • Quality improvement activity
    • evidence that you review and evaluate the quality of your work e.g. Clinical audit, case review, evaluation of health policy or management practice
    • Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties will provide specific information on appropriate activities.
  • Significant events
    • Your role in logging the incident
    • Lessons learnt by those involved, the doctors, the practice, etc.
    • What actions were taken and were any changes implemented?
  • Review of complaints and compliments
    • Complaints and compliments should be reviewed as part of the appraisal process
    • Discuss any changes in your practice that have resulted from such feedback



Links to full text sections of the GMC Document follows. It is copyrighted by the GMC and is entitled "Ready for revalidation 2012 Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation". Whilst Dr MSF have copied the article in good faith, we would suggest you rely on the original PDF as reference, the following link is provided.

Original GMC document

Ready for revalidation
Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation

Supporting information

General information

Keeping up to date

Quality improvement activity

Significant events

Review of complaints and compliments

GMC patient and colleague questionnaire administration.

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The summary is based on the General Medical Council document:

Ready for revalidation, 2012, Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation.

Links to sections of the document and to the original are provided.