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Are you looking to gain feedback using GMC patient and colleague questionnaires?

Dr MSF provides doctors with validated feedback that surpasses GMC requirements for appraisal and revalidation. DrMSF provide a complete package containing everything required to gain multi-source feedback using the GMC patient and colleague questionnaires.

The questionnaires are provided both online and in hard copy. If you want to efficiently gather reliable and robust 360 degree, multi-source feedback with a minimum of fuss, please consider Dr MSF.

Doctor MSF employ the following questionnaires:

GMC colleague questionnaire (online)

The General Medical Council suggest that each doctor nominates 20 colleagues to complete the colleague questionnaire (10 medical and 10 non-medical if possible). The aim is to collect a minimum of 15 completed questionnaires.

"Data collection for the colleague survey should be managed by an independent survey organisation. Doctors provide the survey organisation with a list of their nominated colleagues, and their e-mail or postal addresses." GMC, 2012

After you forward your colleagues email addresses, we will invite them to complete your feedback questionnaire online. It only takes a few minutes. Our online surveys use SSL enabled accounts to encrypt the responses as they are transmitted. You are welcome to try our shortened sample survey.

DrMSF will complete everything else. We collate and analyse the responses - whilst remaining independent of the doctor, appraiser and responsible officer. The information in your report is then checked to ensure that respondents remain anonymous where necessary, and forwarded to you with a password for protection.

GMC patient questionnaire (hard copy)

DrMSF will supply you with 45 professionally printed questionnaires and a ballot box for returns. The GMC questionnaire is designed to be administered to 45 consecutive patients (or carers) as a post consultation or ‘exit’ survey.  The GMC suggests that a minimum 34 completed questionnaires is required to gain a good overall perception of performance through the eyes of patients. On the day/s chosen, the survey can be distributed by reception staff or other clinical staff. GMC guidance suggests that wherever possible, the questionnaires should not be distributed directly by the doctor. However, in some settings, the doctor may need to approach patients and distribute the survey themselves at the end of the consultation.

Patients should be encouraged, wherever possible, to complete their questionnaire in a waiting area immediately after their appointment with the doctor and return it to the ballot box.  You can arrange the distribution and collection of questionnaires to fit the pragmatics of your given situation.

The patients should be told that the survey:

  • Should take no more than 5 minutes
  • They should not put their name on the survey.
  • The doctor will not see the answers, so please give honest views.
  • If they are a carer who has been invited to fill it in on behalf of a patient, they should complete questions 2-12 from the patient's point of view.

GMC self-assessment questionnaire (online)

An on-line version of the GMC self-assessment questionnaire will be made available with all packages All online questionnaire data is transmitted securely using SSL encryption. The information from the self assessment questionnaire will be contrasted with the aggregated responses in the patient and colleague feedback reports.

The revalidation pack

Patients - The Doctor MSF patient survey pack contains 45 printed questionnaires, a flat-pack ballot box and return envelope (postage not paid). On receipt of the completed questionnaires we will enter your data, analyse the results and generate a professional patient feedback report.

Colleagues - We will invite your colleagues to complete an online version of the GMC colleague questionnaire. We will send two sets of reminders and endeavour to gain the requisite 15 responses.

Your responses to the self-assessment questionnaire is included in the colleague and patient feedback reports. You are also given the GMC benchmarking data and a template for reflection with a supporting medical colleague. The template includes questions to support the reflection process.


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* DrMSF offer the most competitive prices available on the open market - correct at time of publication. If you find a service that you consider to be better value, please contact us.


We offer a complete pack for appraisal and revalidation that includes:

  • 45 GMC patient questionnaires
  • Ballot box
  • Secure online colleague and self-assessment questionnaires
  • All data entry
  • Anonymity check
  • Colleague report
  • Patient report
  • GMC benchmarking data
  • Template for reflection

    ... and costs £79.







Please find Adobe pdf copies of the questionnaires here:

Colleague .pdf