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Dr MSF surveys: Why Dr MSF?

Dr MSF has expertise in health, education, statistics and psychology. We have the right combination of academic achievement, commitment, experience and enthusiasm to deliver success during revalidation. Our prices are competitive, especially when compared to other providers offering similar services.

All work on the GMC appraisal surveys will be completed by Jonathan Davies.

Dr Jonathan Davies

I completed a PhD in Psychophysics (Psychology) at Cardiff University and gained a Research Methods MSc with distinction from Liverpool University. Over the last 15 years I have worked as medical researcher, NHS statistician, psychological researcher and in education statistics. I employ my experience to provide you with a professional feedback report. The report covers the requirements for each appraisal and revalidation cycle. The aim is simply to provide you with results whilst reducing your time input and bureaucratic burden.

Every stage of processing for the multi source feedback appraisal questionnaires will be completed by myself. Depending on your chosen package, you will be supplied with:

  • Professionally printed patient questionnaires, ballot box and return envelope.
  • Colleague and self-assessment questionnaires provided securely online.
  • Complete data entry and data validation.
  • Check that the anonymity of respondents is maintained.
  • Professional report targeted to support revalidation.

If you planned to complete the survey process in house, considering your set up time and logistics alone would show that Dr MSF feedback packages are the best value.

Selected publications:

Simultaneous adaptation to non-collinear retinal motion and smooth pursuit eye movement. (pdf) (Cardiff University)

Estimating the growth of internal evidence guiding perceptual decisions. (link) (Bristol University)

Thank you.

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